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Beginner Related Questions
What is Battlesiege
Battlesiege is a text based massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). Choose from one of four races and subclasses each of which has a distinct advantage over the others. Battlesiege is based in a medieval era on a planet called Midgard.

What is the aim in Battlesiege
The aim in Battlesiege can vary depending on your style of game play, you may be a player who wants to build a powerful military to destroy your enemies, or maybe you are defensive and want to mine your own gold. You may aim to be the highest ranked player, or reach any other of the top ten rankings.

How do I register?
Signing up to Battlesiege couldn't be easier, all you need to do is go to the registration page, fill in the form and then click the submit button. Before you can log in to Battlesiege and start playing you must go to the inbox of the E-mail address you used when signing up to Battlesiege, the E-mail can take anything up to 5 minutes to reach your inbox, and may also be found in your junk mail, in the unlikely event that you do not get an E-mail then you can request a new E-mail. Inside the E-mail you will find a link back to the Battlesiege website, clicking on the link will activate your account. Then you will be able to login and let the battles begin.

Can I change my Battlesiege username?
Currently you cannot change your username.

What are the differences between the four races?
  • Human: + 10% Offence
  • Giant: + 10% Defence
  • Fey: + 10% Spy
  • Lich: + 10% Magic
What are the differences between the four subclasses?
  • Ancient: Gain 10% more experience when attacking.
  • Conqueror: Kill 10% more troops in battle.
  • Priest: Lose 10% less troops when in battle.
  • Thief: Pillage 10% more resources when attacking.
  • Excavator: Mine 10% more gold.
  • Black Smith: Buy armory and reinforcements 10% cheaper.
I think I have discovered someone exploiting a bug or using automated programs, where can i report them?
To stop more people discovering a possible exploit, we urge you to send an administrator a message via the in-game messaging system, or a private message via the forum.

Morale Related Questions
What is morale?
Morale is the spirit and determination of your military, without any morale your military are unable to battle, but with morale your military can take part in the following missions:
  • Attacking - Requires 1-10 morale
  • Spying - Requires 0 morale
  • Magic (Power) - Requires 15 morale
  • Magic (Stealth) - Requires 10 morale
How often do I receive morale?
Every 15 minutes you will gain 3 extra morale points.

Can I buy/sell morale?
No it is not possible to buy or sell morale.

Is there a cap on the amount of morale I can have?
Yes, you cannot have more then 5,000 morale at a time.
Kingdom Related Questions
Is there a limit to the amount of deposits I can make into my vault per day?
No, you can make as many deposits as you like.

Why can't I withdraw gold from my vault?
The reason for this is that all purchases throughout Battlesiege are made from your vault. Also this will prevent cheating activity.

How many weapons can I buy?
You can buy as many as your like, however you will only be given the additional bonus to your stats if the troops to yield them.

How many reinforcements can i buy?
You can buy as many as your like, however you will only be given the additional bonus to your stats if the troops to yield them.

Battle Related Questions
What are the available stats and what are the differences between them?
In Battlesiege you have the following stats to build:

  • Offence
  • Defence
  • Spy
  • Magic
Offence is used in the attacking system, where you battle other armies in the attempt to steal some of there gold, whilst also gaining some experience for your own army. When performing an attack you will be asked how much morale you would like to use between 1 and 10, the more morale you use the more gold you will steal and the more experience you will gain.

Defence is a counter offence stat, it is also used in the attacking system, your defence stat will be used when you are being attacked unlike offence which is used when you are attacking. To successfully defend an attack from an opponent you must have more defence then they have offence. If you are attacked and lose you will lose a large amount of your gold which IS NOT in your vault.

Spy is used in the spying system for two purposes, you can spy on other armies and prevent other armies from spying on you. Spying does not have a counter stat like offence and defence. When you attempt to spy on an army the battle will be Spy Stat Vs Spy Stat. If you successfully spy on an army you will find out what their stats are and what troops they have and if you attmpted to spy on an army and fail you will lose 10 of your secondary spy troop.

Magic is used in the magic system and also has two purpose. You magic stat will be used when you are magic attacking and when you are defending a magic attack. If you successfully magic attack another army you will kill some of there troops which you selected for commensing the attack, the amount of troops that you kill will be based upon your level and your opponents level. If you attempt a magic attack and fail 10 of your secondary magic troops will be killed in the process.

What is the difference between the a power and stealth magic attack?
  • Costs 15 morale
  • The army you are attacking will know it was your army that performed the attack.
  • You can kill a maximum of (Your Level * 2.5) troops per attack.
  • Costs 10 morale
  • The army you are attacking will not know it was your army that performed the attack, unless of course you lose the attack.
  • You can kill a maximum of (Your Level * 1.25) troops per attack.
How many times can I attack an army in one day?
You can perform 10 attacks each Battlesiege day.

How many times can I magic attack an army in one day?
You can perform 3 magic attacks each Battlesiege day.

Do I get experience if I successfully defend an attack?
Yes, all successful defends will be rewarded with experience.

Military Related Questions
How can I increase my population?
Every user has there own personal recruitment link, you can find your own link on the command center. Tell all of your friends your recruitment link and you will be able to gain 1 extra citizen per recruitment.
Another way to get citizens is upgrading your mercenary camp. You can only buy upgrades when you reach a certain level, each upgrade costs gold and will get you an extra 70 citizens per day.
When will I receive my daily troops from my mercenary camp?
Everyone will receive their daily citizens from their mercenary camp at 00:00 Battlesiege time. Battlesiege time is shown on the left side bar.

What troops are part of my military?
Your military is calculated by adding together the total amount of your offensive, defensive, spy and magic troops.

Mail Related Questions
Is there a limit to the amount of saved messages I can have?
No, you may save as many of your messages as you like.

How do I clear my outbox?
There is no need to clear it, every night we will delete all messages which you sent over a week ago.

Can I use HTML in a message?
Sorry you cannot use any HTML in your messages.

Can I use BBCode in a message?
Sorry you cannot use any BBCode yet, but this will be added shortly.

Is there a benefit to me adding users to my friends list?
Only if they are truely you friend, your friends lists just a quick way to all of your friends profiles and to see who is online.

Guild Related Questions
Is there any character restrictions, when choosing my guild name?
No, unlike usernames, there are absolutely no restrictions on what characters your guild name can contain.

How many guild can I be in at a time?
Currently you can be in 1 guild at a time, this is for best until the Battlesiege community grows larger.

Is there a limit to the amount of different ranks my guild can have?
No, there is no limit.

Can I send a message to everyone in my guild, all at once?
Although this has been used in the past, a new system called newsletters has been developed. Guild members with certain permission will be able to create newsletter, which everyone in the guild will be able to read.

Can I reply to a newsletter?
Yes, there are two ways in which you can reply to a newsletter, you can do a direct reply to the newsletter creator, which will send a message to the creators inbox. Alternatively you can leave a comment on a newsletter, your comments will be available for everyone in the guild to read.

Is there a maximum amount of members my guild can have?
No, there is no member limit.

Is there a maximum amount of upgrades I can buy for my guild?
Yes, to stop user from getting a huge bonus from their guild, the upgrades have been capped, so you can get a maximum of a 25% bonus per upgrade.

Staff Related Questions
Who can I contact if I have a problem?
We do have a list of staff members. Pick an administrator from the list to send your message to and you will get a reply within 48 hours.

I have sent a message to an Administrator/Moderator, but I haven't received a reply yet, how much longer do I have to wait?
Please be patient with the Administrators and Moderators as they all receive large amounts of messages each day and you will receive a reply within 48 hours.
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