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Welcome to Battlesiege
After Ragnarok the world was left in chaos. The old gods were dead and everything was in flames. Your fortress will become a new Asgard, your armies will be the new gods. The clash of iron against iron, the screams of the dying and the circling vultures will become familiar to you. Humans, long living in the shadow of the gods, now band together to face the new world. But there are Giants, remnants of the previous age, dominating the skyline. Lichs emerge from their dank caverns, nightmarish creatures of shadow and mist. The Fey, small and lithe, flit about the landscape - their size, keen vision and razor sharp daggers make them a danger to any unwary enemy.

How will you grow? You might remain in the valleys where there are rich farms to pillage or climb ever higher up the mountainside to make your castle on some craggy peak where the clean air and abundance of minerals ensure you grow fast. There are no gods in this world any more, your fate is your own to build. Good luck!
Battlesiege Statistics
- In the land of Midgard there are 786 armies on the battlefield, 1 of which have been spotted in the last 24 hours.
- The largest army is controlled by chicanos comprising of 1,685,000,000 troops of the 4,294,967,295 troops in Midgard.
- The richest army is controlled by chicanos with 2,571,498,452,070,365,696 gold out of the 9,465,192,984,932,548,608 gold currently within the entire economy.
- The average population size is 300,732,659.
- The average army size is 21,784,823.
- The average level is 13.
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